Some messages of support sent to me


Good Luck getting the media interested in this one.

Any angle could be what is needed.

Well-done Stephen.


I think it's only fair to say, Stephen has taken us all to another dimension in this battle with his enthusiasm.

Lets keep on with the petition and any other way we can publicise the cause.


My contribution pales besides yours and I have used your messages as an informed source.

Thank you Stephen

I am grateful that you keep us all on our toes


You are to be applauded for all your efforts regarding the publicity you've got in such a short time.  I am also a relative newcomer to this process (Sept 2005), and I'm now thinking that publicity is the only thing going to change things.


I am delighted to see the success that you have achieved in a short space of time and wish you and your brother continued success in your fight!

I wish you well!


So I will take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all of your posts, and thanks to you for giving me a kick up the backside!


I'm sure others will join me in admiring your energy and wishing you every success with your brother's case.

So my wishes go with you forward into the New Year


Hi Stephen,

thanks for the time and advice you gave me tonight on the phone. MUCH appreciated!!

Thanks for all your insight and information and I'll chase the solicitors you mentioned tomorrow. Many thanks again.


Dear Stephen,


Well done for setting up the petition - am trying to sign it but the email sent back to me has a link that is not clickable!


Hi Stephen... a vote of thanks from me, lots of thanks.  Thank you thank you thank you for the groundwork you have paved on this issue.

You cannot believe how supportive and informative keeping in touch through the message board has been.   I feel my prayers have been answered and the cavalry is coming!!!



After 15 years as a journalist I still don't agree with what is promoted in the papers and what isn't. However I do know that too many "worthy stories" don't sell papers And Ideas that don't surprise or interest the editor don't tend to get in or a good show.

I will try too to keep up the pace on this subject and thanks for the offer of help. Its people like you that eventually help change public opinion by influencing policy makers and journalists.

A well-known Journalist.


How are you and your brother, are you coping o.k?  You are brilliant on the message board, so thank you for that.


Thanks very much Stephen, I appreciate the support and advice of this forum


Dear Stephen


Thank you for your email to Andrew Ketteringham. Andrew has asked me to respond to your request to publicise the petition on continuing care that you posted on the Number 10 website. Just to introduce myself, my name is Vicki Combe and I am senior campaigns officer for the Alzheimer's Society.


We have had many requests recently from people wanting the Society to publicise No10 petitions on the Society's website and in other ways. For example, you may be interested to know that currently 455 petitions fall into category of 'health, well-being and care.' We, therefore, have to consider each petition on a case-by-case basis and how they fit into our campaigning priorities, which are currently end charging for care, quality care and access to drugs. We also have to regularly review material on our website.


You will be pleased to know that we have put a link from the access to

continuing care pages of our website to the petition. Please see the link below:



Thank you once again for contacting the Alzheimer's Society and all your efforts to publicise fair access to NHS Continuing Care.


Yours sincerely


Vicki Combe (Alzheimer’s Society).


I noted your campaign against "selling your home to pay for care" and I wanted to let you know that we support your fight.  I have added a link to the newspaper article and your petition on my home page.  The Cheshire PCT is following the Blair /NHS rules which MUST be changed.


John Lynch (Seniors Network).


Hello Stephen (hope I got the name right, it is the one on the email address so forgive me if I have got it wrong)


I just wondered if you might like a link to your site on our site?


We are a group of Carers that are fighting to change the system so seeing another outspoken fighter makes my day.


We are pretty busy, though the main part of our site is our message board and if I can help I'd be more than happy to post links on both places.


Let me know and I'll sort it out as soon as I can, some text/information that you would like alongside the link would be good (I'm not that great with words unless it's having a go about Carers)


Look forward to hearing from you.




Clive Arnold (founder of)


I wholeheartedly support what you are doing and will do what I can. I am up to my eyeballs with work at the moment but I would certainly be happy to sign the petition. Please keep me in touch

June (Dame June Clark).


Dear Stephen
I will certainly contribute to the petition and circulate it amongst my friends and colleagues.

Best wishes
Luke (Clements).


Great and touching website.
My mother has just been diagnosed and is just going through the 'assessment' process in the hospital prior to an interim placement. I have been informed we fall under the self funding category, as my mom owns her home (of 50 years) and has a few thousand more than the threshold of ₤23,000. The house has just been put on the market as apparently we have about 6 weeks before she needs to be relocated to the final home.

Can you point me in the right direction to resources that I might use to give me an idea as to my moms rights.  Every time I hear from the NHS staff I have less trust after reading your site and Mr Shakespeare's.
Thanks and Regards,


Hello Stephen,

It was good to speak with you today.
I have added to your petition and sent an e-mail via the Alzheimer’s website to my MP. As they say 'every little helps'.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Kind regards.

Steve (Paget, MBE).


Hi Stephen,

That was an excellent article and inspires me to keep going.

I bet the PCT wish they never knew your name and with the people you have behind you, should be bricking themselves.

Well-done Stephen

Your strength and inspiration under your own personal pressures is admirable. Our thoughts, for a positive outcome, and thanks are with you.


I am so sorry to hear about your mum and your brother and the problems you are going through. My god how bad does a person have to be before they are recognised as to needing nursing care and not social needs, I agree what absolute rubbish. You should not have to fight at all, but sadly that is the case for many of us.

Wishing you all the very best and look forward to reading more posts from you.

Stephen have watched the video clip and yes it brought tears to my eyes, as it took me back to the time my OH had his second stroke and was left in a very similar condition and I was told that he would not make it through the night but thank god he did. I think it is disgusting the way in which your brother is being treated.


Signed by me too and welcome. Thank you for posting both links, I was very moved by your brother's plight and by the fight you are putting up.


Good luck with your campaign. Keep up the good work.



I won't say "bye for now" as I'm sure we will keep in touch.

I am also sure you will persevere with your brother's case, so stay strong - I know you will do it. You've had a lot to contend with recently and I hope your efforts will bring just rewards.

Best wishes.


Good luck Stephen, you know where we all are, take it steady.

Very best wishes.


Best of luck Stephen let us know how the legal battle goes. I will contact those reporters for you in the next couple of days.




Very Best wishes for your endeavours in the weeks to come. Hope all your hard work and tenacity pay off. Do keep in touch from time to time - we'll be thinking of you.


Stressful times Stephen. I hope the wind turns the situation in your favour to get those dominating aggressive buggers off your back once and for all. Thoughts and prayers are with you. You are still giving even in your own time of need...the sayings were nice, I have saved them and added them to my collection of about 30 years.
I am in communication with your lawyers following our phone call. It is going to cost initially but my nerves following the death of Philip cannot stand the strain especially as I am fighting those who corporately bullied me. Also it is the principle that is driving me, and my intention has always been to spend Mam's money on defending her rights. God Bless and Good Luck for this final push.


Hi Stephen,

First of all I would like to welcome you to the forum.

Secondly I would like to thank you. Your posting has really touched a nerve with me this morning. It was mainly whilst watching the video links and listening to the music. On the old forum I had already said how the song you used was my favourite.

Each carer is unique in their own way, they have had to be, but after reading your posting and signing your petition I started wondering...............Just how many out there who have no one in their corner. If a law exists, it should be in force always, for anyone who needs it, not just brought out now and again when needed to do battle.

You have my respect and admiration for all that you are doing Stephen and am sure the forum will benefit from your experiences.

Take care

Dear Stephen,
What a moving and also brilliant website you have made.
I am afraid to say I was in tears and what is happening is so wrong.
Take care
Have I got your permission to add this to my website to share with more carers?


Carers UK Campaigning network

Hello Stephen

Thanks for posting on the forum, you raise an issue which many carers are angry about, it seems an utterly unfair situation. So good to hear about your campaigning. Its only by challenging decisions and speaking out that things get changed. I will certainly look at your website and petition thanks for flagging these up,

I co-ordinate a network of carers at Carers UK called 'Equal Partners' which supports carers to campaign and take action in local services. We produce information briefings, provide training and put carers in touch with each other to share ideas and learning - I'm getting in touch because we'd really benefit from your expertise -we're always looking for people to advise and share their experience, and I wonder whether we could involve you? Perhaps I could interview you for the newsletter?

Let me know what you think
Best wishes


Letter from Pam Coughlan (winner of the landmark case against the NHS in the Court of Appeal 1999). 19 th October, 2006.


Dear Stephen,


Please expose the unforgivable treatment of the sick, whom the state seems to consider no longer sick if their condition is to be long-term!! This is UNREASONABLE, IMMORAL and DISCRIMINATORY! As is the outrageous complaints procedure. As no one so ill or frail can carry it out. We all thought we were paying for a National Health Service! The law says if a person's need for care is primarily a health need then who performs that care whether it be a registered nurse or an auxiliary nurse or a care worker is irrelevant.


The debacle looks set to continue, as the consultation document offers no new criteria (according to the RCN response). Customers service unit at Her Majesty’s Court Service says that the judicial process is the only way individuals can challenge decisions. (I had asked if there was provision in law for advocacy for those unable to represent their case) he said it is one of the means by which irregularities and the possible need for change be brought to the attention Of Those Responsible For policy.

Recently two women have rung asking for phone numbers of solicitors.
It is excellent news that you have a number of law firms on board. If their numbers could be available and circulated many more could be helped.


Everyone I talk to says it makes them feel ashamed of our country. Asking people to pay for their care and expect them to sell their house! To me it is outrageous not to fund a person who clearly needs care! These people are going to be robbed and treated with contempt. People who should be cared for and cherished are being treated as if they don’t matter and probably they would rather be dead than treated like that. There must be some reason that Government, or Government Departments, are immune to the law. That is the only thing I can think as the Court of Appeal’s judgement laid down the law clearly enough. I think this is the biggest scandal in the whole history of the Welfare State. What we have here is a group of people who 20 years ago would have been cared for in a hospital environment and there would have been absolutely no dispute that their care needs were the financial responsibility of the NHS.


The Prime Minister constantly evokes values, fairness and justice as reasons for taking action abroad. He should take action at home on community care funding - Exactly!! Values, fairness, justice!


Frustratingly the NHS is oblivious to the rule of law, so it means, as you perceive, tenacity and a determination that failure to attain one's due under the law is not an option. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know.


I wish you well in your venture.



Hello Stephen

Welcome to the forum!

Well done on producing such a wonderful site. It made me very emotional and admire your efforts on behalf of your Brother and others, great work!

So glad that you have joined us and hope that you will find the forum and site supportive and informative.

Take care

Welcome Stephen
Your video was heart rending and I immediately signed the petition.
Thank you for sharing your story and campaigning for the benefit of so many people who are unable to do so but must be in similar circumstances.
Take care

Well done Stephen

The Continuing Care arrangements are widely recognised as a national disgrace, but very few Politicians can be bothered with it because old, frail people are not seen as worth much in terms of votes. Thank goodness the Courts take the issues seriously and have consistently supported the fundamental principle that Health care is free at the point of delivery.

I agree with all you say, it is a disgrace in this day and age that the sick have to pay for their care.

Good luck in your campaign.

I wish you good luck too Stephen and I have signed your petition.  Best wishes


Good luck Stephen, I’m so angry what has happened to your brother and many others like him.  I will be signing your petition in a moment.


Every person in England should sign this petition, especially thost who have paid National Insurance for 30+ years.. You know the Law in Scotland is somewhat different? Why????


Hello Stephen,
Sorry to hear of the difficulties in your family. Hope you get the funding for your brother Rod.
It is so hard to understand how the Trust can say he is not in need of Nursing...may you continue to have the energy to fight for him.
Hope you get some space for yourself too.
Thank you for setting up this petition.
It is very important that as many people as possible sign it and I have passed this onto friends too.
Wishing you well.

Dear Stephen, thank you for putting the webs here and your petitions also
words sometimes is hard to find, from the heart I send you, your brother my love and support. and will pass the info you put to others to read and sign also my dear thoughts to you, your brother and family

I read your story and have signed the petition. Wishing you all that you hope for. Your brother should have the funding he needs.
All the best, Sheila.


Stephen I have signed the petition.

The first video brought tears to my eyes

Wishing you every success. I have signed the petition. We are currently in the process of selling mums home to pay for her NH care.

Dear Stephen,
Good luck with your petition. I have signed this morning.


Good Luck. Signed this morning


Thanks, signed up, good luck and best wishes

I have signed and I hope that all our members will.
It is so wrong.


I have signed too Stephen and the very best of luck with your petition. I am very sorry for all your troubles - good for you for going to all the effort of making this stand. Yours sincerely, Patricia



You have my heartfelt sympathy. I wish there was more we could do to support you other than posting on here or signing petitions. The case we are taking to court on behalf of our mother is bad enough (see my posting on Human Rights and Freedom of Information), but nowhere near the problems you are challenged with. In one sense we are lucky - not the right word, but you get the meaning I hope - now our mother is dead at least we have the benefit of being able to concentrate all our spare energies on the real culprits without the huge emotional drain of spending many hours visiting her and being worried sick about her the rest of the time.

I hope you manage to fight this criminal and inhumane system of care we are currently living with and WIN !!!

I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed wishing you success - and the strength to keep on fighting.

Kindest regards,

Have just signed. Good luck.

This ones a must.

Remember the only things you take with you are your memories, so make them happy

Carer and volunteer moderator


All the best, signed this one...

take care


All signed

Makes me angry that people in your situation have to resort to battling with the government to get the care they deserve for themselves and their relatives and live life with the respect they deserve


Thank you for supporting the campaign for provision of assistive technology, and also for bringing my attention to the issues of continuing care in this county.

The very best of luck and success


Steve Popple (one Voice)


Dear Stephen

Thank you so much for the information. I have been trying to access my computer all day, as I have lots of work to do. Unfortunately it has been one of those days and I am only managing to do so now.

I did enjoy our telephone conversations and am delighted to link up with someone else who has the courage to challenge a flawed system, makes the journey we are all on a little less lonely.

I do hope your brother has had a fairly pain free day. It must be a comfort to him having such a supportive and caring brother.

Best regards


High thanks for logging on to my late wife’s charity web site. Her story shattered dreams will be available to read free of charge shortly. Been a few problems with the flip over page system. I totally share your anger and frustrations over your relative’s lack of care. Indeed in 1989 while working in London I was called home to be with Mandy who was just 24 years old then to her e her consultant disagree with her doctor in the delivery suite over when the baby was due. As a result she went into a coma, was give three months to live I was forced to give up my career and care for her 24/7.she died in my arms 5 years later having by then given birth to our son who is now 17years old. I know what cover-ups go on, as did the murder of my late wife fought for 6 years to get justice over his mistakes but failed as most do. I am an optimist, in business now for the last 12 years and give as much help as I can her Mandy’s memory and what she stood for. I wish you all the luck and if you need an ear to burn off email me and we will keep in touch. The world has gone truly mad and the citizens of this once great country who are ill and infirm are now very much the underclass and those who care for them are merely classed as drones.

Chin up don’t let them grind you down.


Dear Stephen
I am aware of other Carers who are in similar situations as yourself. I too know the difficulties of lack of resources/financial help and what affect this has on many Carers lives.
I have been in contact with two woman who have their own Carers groups on the net and I have made them both aware of your petition.
I myself have signed and I will be most interested to hear the results of this petition.
We can but fight on.
God bless Stephen, my thoughts are with you, Rod and your dear Mum.

Hi Stephen,

Y ou are obviously having a huge effect on a lot of people-well done!


Another well-known journalist.


I have signed.
This is absolutely ludicrous and outrageous! I am so sorry to hear of all your many family health problems, I cannot believe they say your brother does not need medical health care please let me know if I can help you in any other way. I have forwarded this on to many. Good luck to you honey and keep up the fight, you are a true fighter and caring person. Take care love


I have signed and sent it on to friends and family, it is disgraceful and being only 23 it makes me wonder what the NHS will be like when I am their age. Best of luck Stephen x x


Dear Stephen
nice to see you, I think every day of your brother and you too,
and my heart is with you both and yours.
I passed on to friends for them to sign the petition too.
The Blair govt did not do what they said but opposite ,
as my heart is also for carers it is also for what ever ages and like your brother also of there money taken wrongly for care as to of many elderly having there homes being sold or all there money , and people should not be treated this way ,
my dear thoughts Stephen for you both and family hugs


I for one am disgusted about your situation. What a terrible amount of stress in every way possible. I don’t know how you stay normal. We all think we have troubles until we read something like this. I will certainly sign for you and send it round to every email address I know.
People like you are very special and deserve help from every avenue.
I swear I will never moan again.


Hi Stephen, Glad someone is doing something as I fought for benefits for my mum, now deceased and it took 2-3 years to see an outcome but in the end she died and did not enjoy the bit of money they did give to her. She had Lupus, RA, heart problems etc and had no quality of life for the last 1-2 yrs of her life. I am in total support of you and will sign up and ask others too. Good Luck and keep up the fight it will be worth it as you know.


Stephen, it's an honour to have signed my name and address to your campaign. You must've put a lot of hard work into this, and I for one commend your efforts. I really hope you get a result, you and your family deserve it.

Stephen, Just put my name on it. Good for you. Hope it goes well.

Enjoy life.  You've only got one.


Outrageous! I've signed it too.


I've signed also. Keep on doing what you're doing.


Hi Stephen welcome to the merry throng.
Sorry to hear the stress you are going
through, it is outrageous the way
funding in fact anything to do with
the NHS is dealt with these days.
Hopefully you will join in often even
if just for a little light relief.

Keep safe be happy


Hello Stephen. Welcome.
It's very hard looking after the unfortunate people
who are ill, very stressful for you,
I do hope you get all the help you need,
take care thy need you.


I will sign it too, we had the same problems with housing for my Gran who had been crippled with arthritis since she was 21.
Well done you.

Hi Stephen and Welcome

I am sorry to read of all your problems that you are having to cope with.

A friend of mine whose husband suffers from dementia (he is in the latter stages of this awful disease) and has done so for over nine years has so often had to fight bureaucracy. People who should be there to help ease the burden for those suffering dementia and relatives trying to cope with this situation that they are in. Unfortunately, I am dismayed by what I hear from my friend in her dealings with people who should be there supporting her "but are not"!

I will certainly sign the petition.


Hi Stephen, I have been so touched and outraged at your very sad predicament. I have forwarded on your petition and truly hope it will be of some help. I am interested to help in any way I can to fight the Government on this, as it could be any one of us in this situation. I admire you strength and courage immensely.


Kind regards,




Hi its good to see someone doing these good deeds on principle..i have signed for you good luck regards


I hope that most of our members will sign your
petition, my husband and I certainly have.

I spent a while on your web site and saw the videos.

Good luck with the petition, everyone in this country
should sign!!!


I've signed too.
( East Sussex)


We have signed it
Laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you cry alone.
If I can help somebody
as I pass along then my living shall not be in vain

Hi stephen,
both myself and my partner have signed the petition. we wish you well,

Have signed your petition, best of luck.


I have signed the petition, good luck for you, Rod and your mother.
Keep up the good work.


Sorry I am not going to be off much help. I am also sorry that you are having such a horrible time. However, I will post your link with regards to your petition on the disabled conference on the open university site, where I am sure lots of people there would, like me, be willing to sign it.

Take care


Hi Stephen I too live in Cheshire and remember your brother well, as i work, or did until med problems forced me onto the sick, in Tesco in Northwich. Your brother was a frequent visitor to the store and was always very pleasant. Many people in the area really feel for you and the plight you have had. We locals have kept up with your story as much as is possible via the local press, I would just like to let you know you have my support. I have signed your petition. Good Luck


Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I've not yet read the website but will do when able. Just wanted to quickly mention that it may be worth putting cases, writing with regard to the All Party Working Group mentioned on this site that is looking into the under funding of epilepsy and problems/damage it is causing.

Im just about to take on the PCT as they are insisting that I go into supported housing because of the variable nature of my epilepsy/disability. I think that I should be able to get direct payments and continue to live where I am.

I think though its a shame how little the epilepsy associations seem to know about the direct payments, Disability Discrimination Act and the overall lack of support for people with chronic uncontrolled seizures and their families. Again probably due to the lack of funding.

Wishing you the best of luck and keep up the fight!


Have signed your petition, have a friend with M.S who has home care, there is a lot of cut backs in our area affecting those who need care, either having services cut or having to pay more, good luck


Hi Stephen,
I too have signed your petition and hope it will achieve a successful result,
Best wishes,

Hi Stephen

I have signed your petition, can't believe what you have had to go through - things need to change for our sick and old people.

Hi Stephen, I've signed your petition, and I wish you much success with your campaign,

West Wales


Hi Stephen my husband and I have signed your petition and will get everyone we know to sign it, can I suggest that we go one step further by sending the details of this petition to every Day Care Centre, Senior Citizen Club, Bright hour, British Legion, W.I and any other local organisation we know asking the members to either sign on line or send a letter to their M.P. We will not only be doing our bit to support Stephen but everyone else in the nightmare situation of needing continuing care but are being refused what they need based on cost .

As far as I'm concerned the government of our country is in breech of contract, people our age were told fight for a better tomorrow work hard pay your taxes and your N.I. and we will provide the care you need, when you need it!!! WHERE ARE THEY NOW???

Stephen I take it as read you have already written to your M.P. they vary a lot, we are fortunate David Mclean is our M.P. and although traditionally a Labour voter, I have no problem voting for him because he is the best man for the job!!!The Daily Mirror have details in the paper every day of how to contact them if you have a story. If you haven't already contacted G.M.T.V and the B.B.C. Breakfast programme yet may I suggest you do so and get them to advertise the petition.

I have a husband with both a life threatening illness and arthritis, osteo porosis, kidney problems, and a whole host of other conditions as well, fortunately he hasn't reached the position of needing continuing care yet, but I have had to take on the D.H.S.S. three times including when my husband was originally given a life expectancy of six months or less!!!

I was very fortunate I had the full backing of my M.P David Mclean and a very experienced advice worker from the C.A.B. and I won on every occasion!!!

Although I have to say we are very fortunate in living in Cumbria because not only has my husband received the "Best Care" at huge expense, we have had quick appointments, quick responses to every medical problem we have had to deal with no experience of rationing of any kind and we are also fortunate to have the best surgical team in the country, without whom my husband would be dead!!!!

We will be thinking of you and your situation and if there is anything else you think we can do to help please post a message, the answer is yes!!! We are 1000% behind you.

Hi Stephen, Have signed your petition, I have seen at first hand the long hard journey that some people have to make to get assessments and Fully Funded Continuing Care.

This is an outrageous situation, I wish you success with your continuing campaign.

Take care.



I have signed your petition, although wrongly I have been very sceptical about petitions. I am glad that you have made your way here, as you have a 'fighting' spirit that most of us lack.

Hope to see your in depth posts, and that you will spur on our activists, namely Cheril, Pysie, BettyB and Ratty who seem to lead our campaigns and give the rest of us inspiration to stand up and be counted.


Hi Stephen. What an entrance. And yes have signed your petition. Keep up the good work and keep popping back to see us all


West Yorkshire


I have just signed it. You are doing a marvellous job fighting this. This must be so exhausting on all of you. you deserve a medal for your strength of character.

Hugs ))))))0(((((( _ kisses ++++++++++

Good for you Stephen, people who stand up for those who can't help themselves like the elderly, vulnerable, frightened, disadvantaged and dispossessed are often SMEARED AND ATTACKED I personally see it as a measure of success! Their criticisms are like water off a ducks back, I've always stood firmly by Justice for all and I've no intention of changing now!!!

Thanks for your good wishes and good luck with the Campaign!!!


Hi Steve the PCT/NHS are always looking for ways to save money and usually at the cost of not giving proper care to those who really need it so doing what you doing hopefully it may make them admit they have been wrong about your bro. And give the care where it’s needed. '
Steve being a carer of your mother who has mental and physical problems / and brother with health problems too it is oh so easy to neglect your self so make sure you eat healthy/sensibly (some fruit after your meals), do exercise (you don't have to go to the gym), and have a medical check up at doc. look after yourself if you need any info let me know in meantime take care carer


Dear Stephen
Have signed your petition. Hope all goes well. Good luck and God bless.


I have signed as have all my family, take care and good luck.

You’re a wonderful person to be this supportive of your family

God Bless You


I have signed the petition and I wish you every success.
Those core words? Are they not the words of Nye Bevan?

Day by Day
Carer and Volunteer Moderator


Dear Stephen
Thank you for your information. My husband had a SAH in 2004 _ we have stayed in touch with many of the people we met on the long journey from admission to home. Without disclosing her details I can tell you ,your story is so similar to our friend who is now being asked to contribute to her young husband's nursing home care.His health needs are enormous and his risk status is high.The psychological damage inflicted by this demeaning demand for payment is compounded by the financial impossibility of keeping her mortgage going .
It is an incredibly lonely existance for all carers and partners post neurological damage, in our area all the services are geared to the older person _ I believe on a national level all assessments biased towards an assessment that defines the person as " social care". Will sign your petition and offer any support possible


Hi stephen
we have signed your petition, my gran has dementure and we are finding it very hard caring for her, and are in the throws of lookin at care in a home,
keep up the good work, and good luck.



I’ve signed it too, wishing you the very best of luck in your on going battle! I hope you get the results youand your family deserve.

Hi Stephen

I have signed your petition and forwarded it to all my contacts. I am currently having an issue with the PCT that provide the funding for my rheumatology clinic so I know how exhausting it can be. It is great that you are fighting for something that is right. It takes a lot of hard work and courage. You have my support, wishing you all the best of luck.

Stephen, I’m sorry I could not watch your you tube report, My own brother died at only 35 after a lifelong illness and whenever I hear that song it brings his years of suffering back to me.

You have taken on an amazing task and hope and pray you will be successful in you fight I can only wish you the very best of luck.

I do not think you will ever know how many hearts your plight has touched. God bless your Brother mother and you (and I don’t say that lightly)



















Please bookmark this page and come back soon.